We are fortunate to live in a time where elderly people and their families have more options when it comes to senior care, including nursing homes, assisted living, and in-home care. Everyone has different needs and preferences, and nothing is more important than making sure your loved one’s needs are met as they age. That being said, there are many benefits of home care over assisted living situations and nursing homes, which is why we encourage you to explore all your options when it comes time to seek elderly care for a loved one. At OC In Home Care, our caregivers are passionate about providing quality, non-medical home care to clients throughout Orange, CA, so here are five reasons why we recommend choosing in-home care over traditional senior care services.


One of the biggest benefits of home care assistance is that the client doesn’t have to give up their independence or abide by anyone else’s agenda. Rather, they can continue to live in a space that is familiar to them while receiving necessary care that is kind, compassionate, and not forceful. In nursing homes and even some assisted living centers, it is not uncommon for residents to feel powerless and incapable of doing what they want, and in-home caregiving is very much the opposite.


Many elderly people will tell you that their first choice is to continue living in the comfort of their own home, even if they need a little extra help to bathe, get dressed, eat, and do things around the house. They may have spent their entire adult life there, or perhaps they built a retirement home and moved in just a few years before. Whatever the case, elderly home care allows for the client to remain in a safe, comfortable space that they enjoy, rather than placing them in an unfamiliar facility with strangers.

Continuous Care

Another reason why so many families opt for in-home care services is that their loved one receives continuous care from the same caregiver. Unlike nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have an entire staff bustling about all day long, caregivers dedicate all of their time on the job to serving one client. Not only does this build trust and companionship, but it also leads to a far more pleasant experience that is well worth the money.

Save Money

In-home care is also much cheaper than other types of senior care. Nursing homes and assisted living communities charge for the room, as well as food and services, whereas caregivers only charge for the time spent caring for your loved one. Since the client already has their own living space and food in the fridge, their family is only billed for the home care services provided at a fixed hourly rate. Not only does this free up your budget, but it also gives you more freedom to choose when non-medical home care services will be provided, and how often.

Quality Care

We already touched on this one a bit, but it’s well worth mentioning that the elderly care seniors receive from an in-home caregiver will be of much higher quality than any nursing home or assisted living facility could ever provide. For caregivers, it all boils down to serving the client’s needs while providing genuine companionship in what is often a lonely time in their life. We’ll engage your loved one in their favorite activities, such as puzzles and games, while ensuring that they get all the help they need to accomplish activities of daily living.

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We hope that this post has given you a better idea why so many seniors and their families choose in-home care over nursing homes and assisted living centers, and that you will consider home care assistance for your loved one. Contact OC In Home Care today to learn more!