The first day of summer is going to be here in just a couple of weeks. Here in beautiful Orange County, it’s hard not to fall in love with the many beauties that summer brings. The warm weather, clear skies, and blue waters are just a few of the things that we love to get out and enjoy, but they certainly aren’t the only things that gorgeous California brings to the table. 

In the last couple of years, it has been proven that spending time outdoors has countless benefits, both emotionally and physically. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the ways that seniors can benefit from some regular time outdoors. Let’s dive right in. 

Vitamin D 

Vitamin deficiency is something that adults struggle with, but the vitamin that adults most struggle with is vitamin D. This particular vitamin is soaked up in our skin through time in the sun. Though there are certain foods that have vitamin D in them, it takes quite a bit to really reap the benefits. While there are supplements that can be taken, it’s a shame that this is how people choose to get their daily dose of this particular vitamin. This is one of the many benefits that spending some additional time outdoors this summer can bring. 

Increased Energy

As silly as it may sound, spending more time outdoors is one of the best ways to shake a day where you’re feeling down. Whether you’re feeling sluggish or tired, choosing to get outside and take a walk or garden is a fantastic way to get a surge of energy. The primary reason this is believed to be the case is because of the blood flow that moving around promotes. Even the slightest of activities can make a difference in your energy levels. 

Assist With Mental Health

One of the many challenges that seniors struggle with as they age is their mental health. Depression is one of the most common problems of old age, and when a senior is placed in a home where they aren’t getting social interaction or being mentally challenged, the chances of depression are even higher. That being said, spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to counter these issues and decrease the chances of depression as a whole. The mental health of seniors is something that should be taken very seriously, and when something as simple as time outdoors can help, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? 

Improve Focus

Focus is one of the many things that is suggested for seniors. Activities that promote focus and healthy brain activity are absolutely fantastic for seniors, and spending time outside is one of the best ways to do so. When spending time outside, our senses go into overload. We begin to make a note of the birds chirping in a far off tree, the colors of the flowers growing in the garden, and the smell of fresh cut grass. When our senses are being used like this, our focus improves. With that being said, even a half an hour a day can be extremely beneficial to a senior’s ability to focus and make the most of their senses. 

Boost the Immune System

The benefits of time spent outdoors go beyond emotional and mental benefits, your physical health can benefit too! In fact, the combination of mental and emotional health benefits are actually what lead to an overall stronger immune system. When seniors spend time outdoors, they are energized, relaxed, and focused, which in turn provides their bodies with everything needed to thrive. Though there isn’t a direct correlation, enjoying a boosted immune system simply by spending some extra time outdoors is nothing to complain about. 

Let Reliable In-Home Care Help

If you recognize that a senior in your life could benefit from some more time outdoors, but you simply don’t have the time, it’s time to look into the in-home care services offered by Reliable In-Home Care. Our team has provided seniors in the Orange County area with the quality care that they need, right in the comfort of their home. With educated and experienced professionals ensuring they’re taken care of, you can rest easy knowing they’re okay. 

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