As with any other company you’d hire, there are several things you should ask a home care agency before arranging for one of their caregivers to provide senior care services for your loved one. Not all caregiver agencies are the same — in fact, some aren’t even licensed and don’t do background checks on their caregivers. Remember, you’re entrusting your loved one’s life and wellbeing to a caregiver when they are on the job, so be sure to hire the best home care agency you can find. From our team at OC In Home Care in Orange, CA, here are a few things to ask a caregiving agency before you sign any paperwork.

Is Your Home Care Agency Licensed?

Even non-medical home care agencies must be licensed with the state of California if they are to provide home care assistance for seniors. However, this is not always the case. To avoid any confusion or legal trouble down the road, the first thing you should ask a caregiving agency is if they are licensed, and if so, to provide proof. For example, OC In Home Care is licensed through the California Department of Social Services, Home Care Services Bureau.

What Is Your Process For Hiring Caregivers?

If the home care agency can provide proof that they are licensed, the next thing to ask is how they vet caregivers during the hiring process. While non-medical home care does not require any medical training, education, or certifications, there should still be a strict hiring process in place to protect the company and its clients. At OC In Home Care, our in-home caregivers go through background checks, Home Care Aide Registry checks, DMV checks, and sex offender checks, as well as live-scan fingerprinting and clearance with both the Department of Justice and the FBI.

How Much Do Your Home Care Services Cost?

Given that nonmedical home care does not involve the prescription or administration of medicine, these caregiving services are typically not covered by insurance (or Medicare/Medicaid). That being said, it’s important to set up a free consultation before signing any paperwork and being billed. After all, the last thing you want is surprises, even though many agencies offer affordable home care services. At OC In Home Care, our cost of non-medical home care begins at $24.00 per hour and increases to $32.50 per hour for special services, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s care.

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