Physical activity is a significant part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even though our bodies don’t work quite the same as they once did, there are still plenty of activities that seniors can enjoy to help maintain their physical well-being. In today’s blog post, our team is going to touch on a few of the activities that seniors can do to get some exercise. Let’s get started. 


Getting out and enjoy a nice walk is one of the many forms of exercise that senior citizens can enjoy without it being too strenuous on their body. If you haven’t currently been spending time doing physical activities, starting off with shorter walks and working your way up is definitely the way to go. Even walks that are only 15 to 30 minutes can be extremely beneficial. Not only is this light on the joints, but walking promotes healthy blood flow and benefits your posture. Truth be told, there are so many benefits associated with taking a daily walk. 


Another form of exercise that is easy on the joints is swimming. This is another form of physical activity that, if you don’t have much experience with, you should start out slowly. While swimming laps is the most common way that swimming turns into exercise, it’s definitely not the only way that some time in the pool can yield physical benefits. Something as easy as walking laps in the pool can provide countless benefits. Aside from that, you can always ease your way up to treading water and doggy paddle. At the end of the day, the one thing you can count on is a good workout that doesn’t leave your body aching. 


If you are a cardio lover, cycling is yet another form of exercise that can get your heart rate up without being too tough on your joints. In fact, cycling and swimming are actually the two forms of exercise that are suggested for individuals with knee problems. Whether you choose to switch up your routine between the two kinds of exercise or you solely stick with cycling, your body will be thankful for these types of exercise. The best part is, you can choose to get on an actual bicycle or a stationary and reap the same exact benefits!


Flexibility is one of the first things that we lose as we age, but there are plenty of forms of exercise that can help us in this area. Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise that promotes physical activity while also helping you with your flexibility. The best thing about this form of exercise is that it’s easy to alter based on your level of flexibility. The more that you practice yoga, the more benefits you’ll reap. Truthfully, this is a sport that you will fall in love with and wind up practicing simply because you enjoy it. 


If yoga is too slow paced for you and your lifestyle, then Zoomba is definitely something that you need to try. This particular form of exercise is also easy to alter to your skill level. Ultimately, this form of exercise combines fast-paced music and dancing to provide you with a challenging yet fun workout. When you get a couple of friends together to enjoy this class with you, it immediately becomes a party. 

Bodyweight Training

Lifting weights is an extremely popular form of exercise, but it’s not exactly an excellent option for seniors. Aside from the fact that weights can be too much to handle, lifting weights at older ages can increase the chances of injury. If you are someone that has been passionate about weight training for years but find yourself unable to do so at this point in life, consider bodyweight training. This form of exercise is where you complete the same types of exercise, but while using nothing more than your body. So, you would still do the motion of a squat or deadlift, but rather than adding weight, you’d use your bodyweight. You would be surprised just how effective this form of exercise can be!

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